I’m Mel, a self-taught artist who is compassionate about people and showing their inner strengths or special traits in his vibrant digital art. His strong faith in God and love for family ignite the inventive spirit that allows him to expand his talents and gifts through avenues that have brought balance to his life. Inspired on a personal level to create by his mother to become an achiever and pursue his dreams at all costs and on the professional level, his lists of motivators are Annie Lee, the artist Charles Bibbs and a cherished friend, Clyde Ross.

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My Passion

Mel’s dream is to open a gallery with classrooms to educate and encourage young minds concerning the world of art. His belief and philosophy is that we should be able to construct a platform for young creative minds to prepare them for entrepreneurship, leadership and independence. But for now…this “dynamic digital dreamer” will generate visuals of treasured moments. One of his pinnacle pieces was a tribute to the late Purple Prince. He was privileged to design a piece that Prince actually signed off on last year after it was shared by a mutual friend (inset). The inside cover piece was a rendition of an existing image and is worthy of Mel’s graphic charm! When I asked Mel how was he able to produce such a compelling piece, he simply replied, “I saw Prince as a ‘free and sovereign’ artist. I respected his talent and what he stood for and represented. I was very excited to know that he appreciated my talent and for him to give me his blessing, it was the greatest feeling ever. I felt like I was closer to my destiny as an artist. He was a colorful person in artistry and performance, so creating images about him in this media was not hard at all.”


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.